Welcome to Whistler

Experience world-class dining, skiing, hiking, and attractions in this literal mountain paradise. From natural wonders to local gems, there’s something unique about living Sea-to-Sky. Come discover what it is.



Millions of tourists flock to Whistler every year to experience its breathtaking views, discover Village nightlife, and explore nature. Head straight to the peak via the Gondolas or check out the lesser known Vallea Lumina, a nighttime multimedia experience.


As a world class destination for skiing, snowboarding, biking, and hiking, Whistler is the adventure junkie’s dream come true. Exercise in the great outdoors, or check out the many local fitness centres, climbing gyms, and other indoor establishments.


Whistler is right next to dozens of provincial parks perfect for a camping trip or an afternoon hike. You may not find beaches in this area, but there are plenty of local bodies of water like Lost Lake and Green Lake with green-space to relax by.


The schools in Whistler are conveniently spread along the Sea-to-Sky highway, making quality education closeby, no matter where you live. Plus, if you’re looking for great extracurriculars, there are several ski and winter sports schools in the area.


There’s nothing like a warm cup o’ Joe when you’re out and about in the cool mountain air. In the Village and along the highway, you’ll find plenty of coffee shops and cafes to soothe your caffeine cravings. We love Mogul’s Coffee House and Fix Cafe!


There must be a record for most delicious restaurants in a small radius. If so, Whistler definitely breaks it! With cuisines from around the world, like the Mexican Corner, Samurai Bowl or Creekbread pizza, all we can say is good luck putting on that pair of jeans again.


The supreme relaxation and fulfillment of living in Whistler will keep your skin clear. But just in case you want to pamper yourself, the aestheticians and therapists in Whistler have your back. For a real treat, try the Scandinave Health Spa on Mons Road.


Whistler Village is a shopping Eden tucked in the mountains. Of course, you’ll find all variety of sports gear, ski shops, and winter clothing here, but you’ll also find fashion, jewellery, art, and homeware that you won’t find anywhere else. Function Junction is also aptly named for its many local community stores, grab a coffee, check out the re-use-it centre and browse lifestyle shops here.